The CEREMASK was designed to provide occlusive professional therapies to help maintain skin hydration, warmth and capillary dilation. The mask told and fits easily onto the face to hold the product in intimate contact with the skin, optimising the penetration and absorption of the active ingredients. The mask is semi-porous which allows product to be layered on top of the mask whilst insulating the active ingredients against the skin. 

The masks are designed to work in combination with CEREPHARMA products. The active ingredients should be selected based on skin concern and expected outcome of the patient. 



The large cotton swabs have been designed so that acid can be applied to the face with precision and ease, whilst minimising the risk of placing the acid in unwanted areas (eyes, lips and nose crevice). The cotton swab absorbed enough of the acid from the bottle for a whole face application, allowing the cost economy per patient to be kept to a minimum. The cotton tip to the swab is soft and small enough to be able to stick to the contours of the face whilst applying the product.




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