This device is a revolutionary facial cleansing system using gentle silicone bristles for a deeper cleansing of the skin*. The vibrational technology dislodges impurities deep within the pores and removes them leaving skin smooth and refined.


The device comes with an ergonomically designed cradle unit to wirelessly charge the device. The cradle unit charges the device using induction-charging technology, whilst holding the device in an upright position to help the bristles to dry quickly.


The cleansing device contains 2 zones, which feature thinner silicone touch-points to gently cleanse deeper into the pores and thicker touch-points to gently buff away oil, dead skin and other impurities.


*Versus conventional skin cleansing.


Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skins.


1. Apply Cleanser

Wet the skin and device with lukewarm water (not hot)

Liberally apply your favourite cleanser to the skin and to the brush

Turn on the product using the on/off button.

Select the desired vibrational speed by holding the on/off button once it is switched on.

2. Cleanse the area in zones.

Massage your chin and cheek areas in gentle circular motions and repeat on the other side.

Starting in the centre of the forehead work the cleanser outwards in circular motions.

Massage the nose and lip areas using gentle strokes up and down the skin surface.

3. Rinse the face

Rinse the face with lukewarm water and dry the face gently with a muslin cloth to remove any cleanser residue.

Apply favourite serum and moisturiser.

CAUTION: you should never experience discomfort whilst using the device, discontinue use immediately if discomfort in the skin is experienced


  • Exfoliates skin and helps to promote cell renewal.
  • Removes excess sebum and other impurities that can make skin appear dull.
  • Helps to cleanse the skin more deeply.