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The ULTRASOUND by ContrAge offers a customised at-home treatment tailored to the needs of each skin type, that works in synergy with your favourite skincare serums. The mega-Hz ultrasonic waves (1MHz for body and 5MHz for face) generated by the ultrasound probe help the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. The High frequency of the waves will also activate collagen synthesis and help to rejuvenate the skin. For optimal results, it is recommended to use with compatible conductive products such as the STIMULE C and SERUM INTERVENTION CELLULAIRE by ContrAge. The highly concentrated formulas make it possible to obtain excellent and visible anti-aging results from the first session.



Suitable for all skin types. Suitable to use at home and in clinic.


  • Suitable for use both in a beauty center and at-home.
  • Portable and easy-to-use device.
  • Opens pores and allows vital active nutrients to be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin where they can work to their full potential.
  • Mechanical stimulation of the fibroblasts stimulate cell metabolism and collagen production.
  • Supports the elimination of toxins and metabolites.
  • Fades acne scarring through mechanical cleansing.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Visibly fades wrinkles and fine lines.