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Which areas do you service?

Belrose Tutoring Academy has two branches, BTA - Belrose and BTA - Forestville, where we conduct our face-to-face private tutoring. Further, we can come to you in the following suburbs for no extra cost: Belrose, Forestville, Davidson, Killarney Heights, Terrey Hills and Frenchs Forest. For those outside of these suburbs or looking for tutoring from the comfort of your own home, BTA also provides exceptional online tutoring.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our leading tuition starts at just $50 per lesson but our pricing differs depending on a student's year level and the location of the lessons. For an accurate quote, please contact us here.

How often are lessons conducted?

BTA personalises our learning programs for each student, however, the majority of our students attend for 1 or 2 hours each week at the same time, with the same tutor, in the same location.

Do you offer tutoring throughout the holidays?

We are open all days of the year, except public holidays, pending tutor availability. We can provide customised tutoring throughout the holidays to support your child with their specific learning needs so they feel confident when they resume school.

What training do your tutors receive?

We have designed our own comprehensive tutor training program to ensure we maintain the quality of tutoring we are known for. All BTA tutors are experts in their subject matter and receive ongoing support to reflect syllabus changes. Further, our tech-savvy tutors are well trained to conduct lessons online using the modern and innovative edtech we have available.

Do your services cater for students with special needs?

At BTA, we understand that school can be very challenging for some children, particularly those with learning difficulites. Our tutors understand these unique circmstances and support these students to identify their strengths so they can achieve their goals. Our individualised tutoring programs assist students with special needs to be confident and motivated in their studies so they can reach their potential.



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