Causes of Skin Ageing

Intrinsic factors are mainly related to genetics and the natural aging process.

External or environmental factors are all other factors. All of these factors lead to visible and invisible effects on your face.

The rate at which these changes occur varies with the genetics and extent of environmental factors.


Intrinsic Causes

• Degradation of processes and cellular structures • Reduction of bone density • Hormonal changes

External Causes

• Photo-aging related to sun exposure
• Smoking
• Expressions of the face
• Effect of the force of gravity

Cellular Effects

• Collagen reduction
• Reduction of elastin
• Reduction of hyaluronic acid
• Fat loss and redistribution
• Thinning of the dermis
• Reduction of bone density
• Changing the thickness of the epidermis

Visible Effects of Aging

• Wrinkles and folds
• Fine lines
• drooping eyelids
• Hollow cheeks
• Jowls
• Dry skin
• Pigmented or discolored spots
• Rough skin
• Imperfections